Plumbing Tips

A few tips that new homeowners should know.


8/24/20231 min read

gold-colored faucet close-up photography
gold-colored faucet close-up photography

Empower Yourself with these Plumbing Tips

  1. Prevent Clogs: Use drain strainers to catch debris and hair, and avoid pouring grease down the drain.

  2. Regular Inspections: Check for leaks, drips, or signs of water damage under sinks and around appliances.

  3. Know Your Shut-Off Valves: Locate and label the main water shut-off valve in case of emergencies.

  4. Winter Protection: Insulate exposed pipes during colder months to prevent freezing and bursting.

  5. Watch Water Pressure: Excessive pressure can strain pipes. Consider a pressure regulator to protect them.

  6. Sump Pump Maintenance: Keep your sump pump clean and operational to prevent flooding in basements.

  7. Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners: Opt for natural solutions or call professionals to avoid damaging pipes.

  8. Regular Maintenance: Schedule periodic plumbing check-ups to catch potential issues early.

  9. Proper Disposal: Dispose of items like wipes, feminine hygiene products, and dental floss in the trash, not the toilet.

  10. DIY with Caution: While minor fixes are possible, for complex issues, it's best to call in professional plumbers.

Remember, a little preventive care goes a long way in maintaining a smoothly running plumbing system. For expert guidance and assistance we are here to help!

black and orange metal pipe
black and orange metal pipe
water falling from faucet in grayscale photography
water falling from faucet in grayscale photography